If you have old styled bathroom at home and want to renovate it in the modern style, you can go for the rear discharge toilet style. When you are thinking about renovating your entire bathroom, you should definitely consider buying a toilet with the rear discharge or back flush. The rear discharge toilets are becoming very popular all over the world. This is because it provides huge number of benefits to the users.

The rear mounted toilet usually sits on your bathroom floor like the standard toilet. But instead of flushing waste through the floor, it actually flushes backward through a wall behind it. The residences and other buildings which have concrete floors are using this type of toilets to easily run the waste pipe through the wall instead through the hard concrete floor.

The main benefits of rear discharge toilets

The following are the benefits of back flushing or rear discharge toilet fixtures in your home or office. Generally, there are two types of flushing such as floor flushing and rear flushing types in the western style toilets. When you have rear flushing or discharging counterpart in the toilet, it often features better than the floor flushing unit.

The rear mounted toilets are somewhat expensive than the floor flushing counterparts but it is highly beneficial to easily remove your wastes through the wall mounted at the back of your toilet. If you are installing this rear discharging unit instead of your old type of toilet, it will be great to provide attractive appearance and at the same time convenience to use.

rear discharge type toilet with pump

How to install a rear discharge toilet at your place

When you want to renovate your bathroom with the rear mounted or rear discharge toilet fixtures, you have to follow these steps for the easy installation process. In order to install the rear mounted toilet at home or any other buildings, you should need a specific kit from the manufacturers which contain a flange and nipple to attach this kind of toilet for your use.

These are necessary steps to easily and usefully install a rear discharge toilet in your bathroom.

  1. You need to unscrew and also remove the old flange and nipple from your bathroom wall. Every toilet is somewhat different from each other. They might require a little different in the installation process same on the previous toilet setup. For this purpose, you should use the wrench in order to loosen your older nipple until you can able to draw it freely from a wall.
  2. After that, you have to take a test cap off from the new nipple and wrap it’s both the ends using the tape of the plumber. If your toilet manufacturer is recommend a particular glue to attach it or includes something with the kit, you need to apply it at the ends of the nipple to perfect fit it into the wall carrier. You should also need to thread a flange on to another end of a nipple.
  3. Then, you must set a ring against the wall around opening for a nipple and next push this nipple into your back wall to the toilet set up.
  4. In the next step, you have to thread it into the carrier in wall until just about 2 inches of a nipple is exposed.
  5. You need to push all the bolts in to a flange from the behind in this step. Once it is tight against your wall, you would not have other access to get bolts available to attach a rear mounted toilet.
  6. After that, you have to finish screwing a nipple into the wall until a flange places flush against your concrete wall and the bolts on every side with the holes of the bolt used on the toilet.
  7. Then, you need to line up a rear discharge toilet with the necessary bolts and slide it back in to the place. You should use the nuts to tighten the bolts for securing your toilet to the wall.
  8. In the end, you must attach a necessary water line to the nearest water valve for your toilet. Then, run another end of the line to the intake of your toilet.
  9. You need to turn on the water line to fill the toilet with full of water.
  10. Do flush a rear discharge toilet to double check whether there are any leaks or not.

A leaking toilet is never ever good for all. While this double check of leakage after installing your wall mounted toilet, you should fix a problem when there is a leakage. If your toilet has leak, you need to check the pipe connection and all bolts to tight them well.

For this installation process you need a kit having flange, nipple, and also ring, wrench, and tape used by the plumbers. With all these necessary equipments, one can easily and quickly attach the rear mounted or rear discharge toilet at your home or office in an easier manner.

If you already have prior experience in this type of installation process of toilets anywhere, you can easily do it by yourself. Otherwise, you can follow these recommended tips to install it quickly in your bathroom.

Most of the homes only have floor-mounted outlet or discharging setup in the toilets. They might be discomfort and difficult to use for many people especially for the aged people. This is why many people are trying to renovate their home or commercial building bathroom with the wall mounted toilets with the excellent back flushing feature. It would be great for your use in a daily manner and completely comfortable.

As the rear discharge toilets are very popular all around the world, there are many numbers of professionals to install, repair, and fix any problem with your toilet. You need to hire a professional installer or repair professional to renovate or replace your old style of toilet with the new style of wall mounted or rear discharge toilet for better use.