Toilet Training Advice

Are you wondering if it’s time to start potty training your child? First, make sure that you don’t start until your child is ready or it will be very difficult. Most children are ready sometime between the age of 18 months and 24 months of age. However, other children are still wearing diapers at three years old.

There are some ways that you will be able to tell when your child is ready. Your child should be able to let you know that their diaper is dirty; he should be able to stay dry for over two hours at a time and has regular bowel movements. Your child should also not like having a dirty diaper and should be able to follow basic instructions. Some children even ask to use the potty chair when they are ready or they ask if they can wear normal underwear.

toddler potty training tips

Once you know your child is ready, pick out a potty chair. You can even let them decorate it so they know that it is theirs. They need to get comfortable with the potty chair. You can bring the chair into the normal living area and let them sit on it fully clothed just like it’s a regular chair. Let them know that this is their chair. Once they get used to it, let them get comfortable with sitting on it without wearing and pants or a diaper.

The next thing you should do is show your child what the potty is for. Take stools out of their diaper and put them in the potty. Let your child watch this transfer and then let them flush the toilet so that the stools disappear.

By now I’m sure that you are able to tell when your child is about urinate or have a bowel movement by their actions and facial expressions. Whenever you see that your child might need to use the bathroom, ask them if they want to go to the potty or you can take them there and tell them what you want them to do.

When you get there, don’t make them sit there until they go because then the potty becomes like punishment and they don’t want to go there at all. Just keep them there for a few minutes at a time. Do not force them to stay there!

Most children have a bowel movement once a day and usually urinate about an hour after having a drink. So you might want to bring your child to the potty on a schedule. Maybe every one to two hours, depending on the child.

Whenever your child uses the potty, make sure that you praise them. However, if they have an accident, do not punish them or act disappointed. You need to be as patient as possible.

It can take up to three months for your child to be potty trained. You need to be very consistent in these months so that your child can learn. If it takes longer than three months, you might want to see your doctor.